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Reduced User Friction:

By utilizing Manta's NPO platform, onboarding users will be simpler, smoother, and less complicated. This means that there will be a lower level of user friction, allowing for an increased user base and improved user experience.

Onboarding Web2 to Web3 Users:

Manta's NPO platform is an excellent tool for onboarding web2 users to web3 applications. This allows for a wider audience to be reached, promoting the adoption of blockchain technology.

KYC Issues Resolved:

Manta's NPO platform also addresses KYC (Know Your Customer) issues by utilizing zkSBTs, which are minted with user KYC information. This allows for the verification of user identity without revealing sensitive personal information.

Regulatory Compliance:

The current regulatory framework for decentralized applications is becoming increasingly strict. By utilizing zkSBTs, projects can address these regulatory concerns and remain compliant with the applicable laws and regulations.

Manta’s Ecosystem Support

Manta offers various types of support that can benefit your app or project. Manta can refer your app to its extensive ecosystem of more than 100,000 on-chain users who have undergone KYC verification. Additionally, Manta's incubation partners can provide further assistance to help accelerate your growth.

Manta’s Marketing Support to Boost Your User Growth

Manta also provides marketing support, including featuring your app on its Twitter channel and creating tailored articles and newsletters on Medium. Manta's marketing efforts have a broad reach, including leading VCs in the industry, which can help increase your visibility and attract potential investors.