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Deploy on Manta Pacific

You can deploy your application onto Manta Pacific via the same means as any Ethereum-compatible blockchain. For the purpose of example, we'll use the Manta Pacific testnet RPC URL.

This section is non-exhaustive and serves to give a high-level overview of configuring a project to use Manta Pacific. The exact process to deploy your smart contracts varies depending on the development tooling you're using. As a general rule, the process for deploying on and interacting with Manta Pacific is the same as any EVM-compatible chain (including Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, etc.).

Updating the client-side to interact with the Manta Pacific is also done quickly: simply change the JSON-RPC Url used to that of the Manta Pacific. Note: ensure that all of your smart contracts are deployed on the Manta Pacific and that you have updated contract addresses on the frontend.

Testnet Information

See this page: Manta Pacific Testnets