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💔 Leave the Collator Set and Recover the MANTA Bond


The screenshots below show example values for the candidateCount and candidateDelegationCount parameters. Ensure the number you provide to

  • candidateCount is larger than the number of currently registered collators on the network
  • candidateDelegationCount is larger than the number of delegators on the collator you want to unbond

It is not necessary to be exact, this parameter is a gas fee hint that is used to reserve a gas fee on execution. Unused gas is refunded afterwards, so it is ok to use a large number here if you don't want to count and have enough MANTA

In order to fully offboard your collator, execute parachainStaking::scheduleLeaveCandidates This will mark your collator as exiting, making it ineligible for future rewards.

After 7 days you (or anyone else) can execute the removal extrinsic for your collator which will unlock your bonded MANTA

If you change your mind, you can always cancel the unbonding (unless you've already sent the execute extrinsic above)