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Bridging Celestia‘s $TIA to Manta Pacific

With the launch of Celestia Mainnet, TIA token is now available. Manta Pacific allows users to access TIA on an EVM environment, which means you can have TIA directly on your favorite wallets such as MetaMask. Furthermore, Manta Pacific’s ecosystem offers various products and tools that can utilize TIA, including DeFi products such as lending, swaps, perps, and more. To celebrate, Manta Pacific is also launching a limited-time campaign for TIA activities on the network. This document guides you through everything from bridging TIA assets to details about the campaign.

Bridging TIA from Celestia to Manta Pacific

Step 1: Requirements

For this tutorial, we are bridging assets from Celestia to Manta Pacific. This assumes you already have a wallet such as Keplr that holds TIA tokens (Celestia’s native token). This guide uses Keplr. If you are looking to obtain TIA on EVM wallets such as MetaMask, you can review the instructions on Obtaining TIA on Manta.

Step 2: Setting Up Keplr Wallet

1/ Open the Kelpr wallet in your browser, and click the settings button in the bottom right corner.


2/ Click on "General" in the options.


3/ In the General section, scroll down and find "Manage Chain Visibility," click it, change the visibility status of the Cosmos ecosystem chain, and a webpage will pop up.


4/ Search for "Neutron," click to select it, and then click "Save." Return to the Kelpr wallet.

5/ Go back to the Kelpr homepage, find the TIA token in your wallet, and click on it.
6/ Click on "IBC Send," and choose "Neutron." This step is actually a cross-chain transfer, moving TIA from Celestia to Neutron using Kelpr.

7/ After clicking, the Kelpr wallet will automatically fill in the recipient address. Enter the amount of TIA you want to transfer in the "Amount" field, click "Next," and confirm the transaction in your wallet.


9/ TIA has now been transferred cross-chain. You now need to purchase some Gas on the Neutron chain.

Click on the "Swap" option in the middle of the bottom, and pay attention to all the details in the red box. The illustration shows how to use ATOM from the Cosmos Hub chain to buy NTRN on the Neutron chain.


Step 3: Sending TIA from Celestia to Neutron

Open and select "Cross-Chain to Manta from Neutron," enter the amount of TIA, click "Continue," confirm the transaction in your wallet, and you're done.


Manta Pacific Incentives for TIA

Currently, You can transfer $TIA tokens from Celestia to Manta Pacific via Hyperlane Warp Routes, which enables $TIA access to DeFi liquidity on Manta Pacific’s 6 Defi projects (, and LayerBank).

Meanwhile, Manta Pacific offers an incentives program to reward users for participating in cross-chaining and trading $TIA tokens, including swapping, and liquidity provision (LP) through the 7 ecosystem partnership projects mentioned above.

This plan runs during the MantaFest event, with Manta Token incentives distributed alongside the Uncharted Pacific program.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bridge and trade for $TIA tokens and earn Manta Pacific ecosystem token airdrop incentives!

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