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Manta Pacific Replica Node

Note for latest up to date docs refer to

Update Log

March 12th Dencun Upgrade

In order to be prepared, please upgrade your op-node image to and set the necessary env variables. Note that the script helps to generate the auth token for the celestia light node.

Scripts to run a replica node on the latest version:

Here’s the latest snapshot:

General Instructions

A set of scripts that will start a Manta node from scratch. If you have an existing Manta node running, then you should copy the datadir over and resume from that.

Users running replica nodes can optionally run a Celestia light node alongside op-node and op-geth. The updated replica scripts will help users provision this Celestia light node and connect to it in the same way Manta Pacific will.

A version of the scripts that include a snapshot data directory:

The latest snapshot:

Older snapshot:


See the README in each folder for instructions on how to run a replica node for both Manta Testnet and Manta Pacific via a docker-compose setup.

Building a new OP-geth image

Manta Pacific is running this commit of op-geth:

See: manta-replica/manta-pacific/Dockerfile.l2

If you make modifications to op-geth, swap out the line:


with your built image. Or feel free to run it directly as a shell process (see manta-replica/manta-testnet/ for the command the container is using).