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A collection of projects within the Calamari network.



MantaPay is an on-chain, multi-asset shielded pool that enables private transacting using zkSNARK. It leverages a BYOT (Bring your own token) model, allowing users to privatize and transact with different cryptocurrencies.


NFT Private Offering (NPO) is set to revolutionize how users generate and mint zkNFTs/zkSBTs. NPO is an NFT/SBT launchpad that leverages the Manta Network’s zkAddress tooling and the MantaPay ZK circuit to privately mint NFTs/SBTs on zkAddress while using public tokens to pay minting fees.


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Subscan is a high-precision Web3 explorer used to browse blockchain data from Substrate-based chains, including Manta Network.

XCM Bridge​

XCM(Cross-Consensus Message Format (XCM) aims to be a language to communicate ideas between consensus systems.

Axelar Network​

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Axelar delivers secure cross-chain communication for Web3, enabling users to interact with various blockchains, applications, and crypto assets.



AsMatch is the world's first astrology-based Web3 socialfi matching app built for mobile. AsMatch is an innovative Web3 mobile app that combines AI-generated content (AIGC), zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) and zkSBTs powered by Manta Network, and a match-to-earn model with token incentives on BNB Chain. The app’s powerful astrology-focused matching engine connects users for dating, social networking, professional connections, and making new friends.



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Talisman is a user-friendly wallet built for Polkadot & Ethereum.


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Subwallet is a Web3 Extension Wallet for the Polkadot & Kusama networks.


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Polkadot.js is a browser-based vault for the management of your account keys.

Dev Tools​



zkAddress is the public key for the zkAssets. It is not disclosed in any zk-transaction on-chain, thus, an observer cannot associate a zk-transaction on-chain with an zkAddresses unless the sender or the receiver of the transaction grants the viewing key to the observer.



zkAssets are a new crypto asset class where privacy, integrity, and access policy are guarded by zero-knowledge proofs. It has the following properties: flexible asset types, privacy by default, disclosing at will, configurable aasset policy.



The Signer is a secret manager and zero-knowledge proof generator used with Manta Network, Calamari Network, and Dolphin Testnet.



Zero-Knowledge Cryptography Infrastructure Stack



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Web3Go is an all-in-one open data analytics and service platform where everyone can grasp the value behind blockchain data.


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Subsquid is the most dev-friendly way to develop and deploy custom GraphQL APIs and ETLs for advanced blockchain use cases.

Incubation Partners​


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AllianceDao is the leading Web3 accelerator and founder community.

Longhash Accelerator​

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Longhash is a web3 Venture Fund & Accelerator, building with founders since 2018.

Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator​

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Berkeley Blockchain Accelerator is a joint venture by three premier organizations on the UC Berkeley campus – Berkeley Engineering, the Berkeley Haas School of Business and Blockchain at Berkeley.

Moonshot Commons​

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Based in Hong Kong, Singapore, and New York, Moonshot Commons is a global builder community for Gen-Z engineers in Web 3.

Development Awards​


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ZPrize is aimed at accelerating the advancement of ZKP technology.

Substrate Builder Program​

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The Substrate Builders Program identifies, supports, and mentors current and potential Substrate-related projects.

Web3 Foundation Grant​

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The Web3 Foundation Grant program aims at nurturing cutting-edge applications for decentralized web software protocols.

Research Partners​

Jump Crypto​

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Jump Crypto, a division of the Jump Trading Group, is a global leader in web3 infrastructure development and investment.

Protocol Labs​

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Protocol Labs is an open-source R&D lab, building protocols, tools, and services to radically improve the internet.


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Cysic designs cutting-edge chips and hardware specialized in accelerating ZKP performance.

RISC Zero​

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RISC Zero is a zero-knowledge verifiable general computing platform based on zk-STARKs and the RISC-V microarchitecture.

Universal Privacy Alliance​

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The Universal Privacy Alliance seeks to advance the understanding of privacy as the very basis of free and flourishing digital societies.



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Moonbeam delivers complete Ethereum compatibility within a Polkadot parachain environment, so developers can continue to use the programming languages and tools they’ve grown used to β€” but within a fast-growing and scalable Layer 1 chain.


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Acala is a decentralized finance network powering the aUSD ecosystem.


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The vision of our Phala is to become the world’s largest P2P computing network, a standard decentralized computing cloud based on Web3.


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RMRK is a set of NFT legos that give NFTs infinite extensibility, hosted on the Kusama blockchain, Polkadot's canary network, without the need for parachains or smart contracts.