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Supra Oracle

Supra is a novel, high-throughput Oracle & IntraLayer: A vertically integrated toolkit of cross-chain solutions (data oracles, asset bridges, automation network, and more) that interlink all blockchains, public (L1s and L2s) or private (enterprises).

Supra provides decentralized oracle price feeds that can be used for on-chain and off-chain use-cases such as spot and perpetual DEXes, lending protocols, and payments protocols. Supra’s oracle chain and consensus algorithm makes it the fastest-to-finality oracle provider, with layer-1 security guarantees. The pull oracle has a sub-second response time. Aside from speed and security, Supra’s rotating node architecture gathers data from 40+ data sources and applies a robust calculation methodology to get the most accurate value. The node provenance on the data dashboard also provides a fully transparent historical audit trail. Supra’s Distributed Oracle Agreement (DORA) paper was accepted into ICDCS 2023, the oldest distributed systems conference.

Supra’s Distributed Verifiable Random Function (VRF) solution provides unbiased, unpredictable, and provably fair randomness for blockchain gaming and casinoFi use-cases such as loot boxes, NFT-minting, character upgrades, odds-based games, and on-chain lotteries. Supra’s VRF design uses a novel non-interactive Distributed Key Generation (NI-DKG), allowing it to be very low-latency and cryptographically secure. Supra’s dVRF paper was accepted into ACM CCS 2023, a top cybersecurity conference.

Check out our developer docs here.