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Manta Pacific provide a JSON-RPC interface that allows developers and users to interact with the blockchain and perform various actions, such as sending transactions, querying account balances, and more. The nodes in the chain are designed to serve JSON-RPC requests over both HTTP(S) and Websockets, providing a flexible and convenient way to interact with the blockchain. The behavior of the JSON-RPC interface is defined by the Ethereum JSON-RPC specification, providing a standard and familiar interface for developers to work with. One of the key advantages of this JSON-RPC compatibility is that it provides compatibility with existing client libraries, such as Ethers.js, Web3.js, and go's web3 library. These libraries are widely used in the Ethereum ecosystem and provide developers with a convenient way to interact with the blockchain using familiar and well-documented APIs. This compatibility ensures that developers can easily build and deploy decentralized applications on Manta Pacific using the same tools and techniques they are already familiar with.