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For Developer: Onboard My Project onto the NPO Platform

Scenario 1: Support zkSBT to identify real users on your app​

If you own a mobile app, regardless of whether it is Web2 or Web3, you can connect your API to verify on-chain zkKYCs or zkCredentials on Manta without requiring a wallet connection. This enables you to achieve compliance and protect against sybil attacks without compromising users' privacy data.

Solution 1: Integration with Manta's Proof Key API

Technical Requirement : Two Front-End Engineers

Estimated Time of Arrival: 2 Working Days

Success Stories: AsMatch and zkReadON


Scenario 2: Launch your own zkSBT as attestation based on onchain or offchain data​

If you are interested in launching your own zkSBT on an NPO platform or your project's frontend, you can launch the zkSBT based on on-chain activities on any chains such as SBT holders, NFT holders, airdrop holders, etc., or off-chain activities such as addresses connected to some Gamefi Apps or identity verification platforms

Solution 2: Technical Requirement: How to mint zkSBT

Estimated Time of Arrival: 5 Working Days

Success Stories: zkBAB, zkGalxe Passport, zkCyberconnect, zkQuestN and zkARB.