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Manta Wallet

Manta Wallet is a browser extension that protects your spending secrets and builds zero-knowledge proofs. It allows you to send and receive zkAssets.


The latest version of Manta Wallet extension for chromium can be installed from here.


Manta Signer will be deprecated in the future. Users can migrate their account to Manta Wallet by following migration instruction.

Creating a New Account​

To create a new account, install the Wallet Extension and select the first option Create a New Account.


Next you will have to pick a password that you will use to unlock the Manta Wallet. Please pick a strong password which is at least 8 characters long.


You will be brought to a page that displays your secret recovery phrase. Click the hidden icon in order to reveal it.



Write down your recovery phrase offline, somewhere hidden and secure. It is the only way to recover your assets if you lose access to your computer or forget your password!

After you have created your account, you will be brought to the home page. And for the first time you need to sync zkAssets manually.


And after the sync is finished. You can switch to zkAssets and starting to use it.