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🐬 Try MantaPay on Dolphin Testnet

The Dolphin zkTransact page allows users to privatize public assets to private or "zk" assets, transfer zk assets, and convert zk assets back to public assets.

The most important concept to remember when using the Dolphin zkTransact page is that public assets and zk assets have different addresses: public addresses and zkAddresses. There is no relationship between a public address and a zkAddress.

Setup Testnet Accounts​

Install a Browser Wallet and Create a Public Address​

Currently, Dolphin Testnet V3 supports Talisman, SubWallet, Polakdot.js wallets to manage public assets.

To get started, click the "Connect Wallet" button.


If you don't already have a wallet installed, click the "Install" link for your chosen wallet. Once you install the wallet, it will give you instructions to set up your first account. When you are finished, refresh the page and the button text will change from "Install" to "Connect".


Once you have a wallet installed, click the "Connect Wallet" button, press "Connect", and follow the prompts from your wallet extension. When you have successfully connected, you will see the wallet in the navbar.


Install Manta Signer and Create a zkAccount​

Manta Signer is a native app to turbo-charge zero-knowledge proof generation. It allows you to send and receive private payments. Signer is available for:

  • macOS (version 10.5 or later)
  • Ubuntu (version 18.04 or 20.04)
  • Windows (version 10 or later)

You can check the navbar to see if you are connected to Manta Signer.


If you don't have signer installed, you can find the download link by clicking on the "Connect Signer" button.


Open Manta Signer and follow instructions to create your zkAddress. See our guide to Manta Signer for more details.


Get Testnet Tokens​

Join Manta & Calamari's Discord, navigate to the #dolphin-faucet channel, and type /gimme (Note: do not press enter to send). You should see a list of faucet options prompt:


Click on one of the faucet options prompt:


Enter your polkadot address and claim some DOL. Feel free to claim other testnet tokens like KSM, KAR, MOVR, to test cross-chain bridging of assets onto Dolphin (see our guide to bridging here). If you want to do private transactions with bridged coins, you will still need DOL to pay fees. Note that you can finish this guide with only DOL.

Confirm the updated balance in bridge page and remember to set the correct origin chain (Note: change origin chain to dolphin to see dol balance)


Hint: When you are requesting MOVR token, please enter your Metamask Address. For other tokens (KAR, KSM, DOL), please enter your Polkadot Address.


Try MantaPay on Dolphin Testnet​

Now let's send some private payments!

Run Signer​

If Signer is not already running, open signer and enter your password to log in:


Go to Dolphin App. If Manta Signer is connected, you will see your zkAddress the top right corner of the screen:


Convert Public Assets to Private Assets​

Select the public address you are sending from, the token you are sending, and the amount you want to send to your zkAddress. Press "To Private" to submit:


Your browser wallet will prompt you to approve the transfer, and then publish it to the Dolphin blockchain:


Send Private Assets to a zkAddress​

Press the private-public toggle button at the top of the form, so that you can send tokens from your zkAddress instead of your public address.


Select the token you want to send, enter the amount you are sending, and enter the destination zkAddress. If you need an example zkAddress to send to, you can send to yourself (click on the copy icon next to your zkAddress), or to this example zkAddress:



zkAddresses and public addresses have a different format, and are not interchageable! You cannot send a private transfer to a public address, or a public transfer to a private address.

Now click "Private Transfer" to begin the transaction.


Signer will prompt you to enter your password and approve the transaction. Once approved, it will build a zero knowledge proof.


Finally, your browser wallet will prompt you to approve the transfer and then publish it to the Dolphin blockchain.


Convert Private Assets to Public​

Now press the private-public toggle button at the bottom of the form, so that you can send assets from your zkAddress to your public account.


Select the token you want to send, enter the amount you are sending.


Once again, Signer will prompt you to enter your password and approve the transaction. Once approved, it will build a zero knowledge proof.

Finally, polkadot.js will prompt you to approve the transfer and, then publish it to the Dolphin blockchain.



  • If you are using Brave browser, make sure that your shields are down, as they block connection to Manta Signer.

  • Check that one of Talisman, SubWallet, or polkadot.js is installed, and has permission to connect to the Dolphin web app.

    • In polkadot.Js, click on the βš™οΈ icon on the top-right corner, then click on "Manage Website Access", then "" is set to "Allowed":
    • In SubWallet, open Settings, then click on Manage Website Access, and unblock
  • Check that the latest version of Manta Signer is installed, running, and logged in.

  • Check that your internet connection is stable.

  • Check here to see if your browser wallet's metadata needs to be updated.

  • If you see "..." or "Syncing to network," wait for your balances to finish loading before trying to transact.

  • Try refreshing the page.

If all these checks pass and you still can't send transactions, please let us know on discord in the #dolphin-testnet channel so that we can improve Dolphin!


  1. Why do I need a Manta Signer? Can I trust it?

    Signer serves two purposes: first is to protect your spending secrets, and second is to use native code to build zero-knowledge proofs. The Signer runs locally and will never share your secrets. The Signer is fully open source software and will be audited for security.

  2. Is the private token in Manta Signer secure?

    All the secrets used to spend private tokens is stored locally in your computer and encrypted using AES. Signer will never send your secrets online.

  3. How can I recover private tokens if I forgot my Manta Signer password?

    See our guide to Manta Signer for more details.

  4. How long do trnsactions take? Why is my transaction taking so long?

    After you have approved a transaction with your browser wallet, it should take about 45 seconds to finalize. Occasionally, transactions with many small inputs require multiple "batches"; you will have to to approve the first part of the transaction, wait for the first part of the transaction to finalize, and then approve the next part.

    If your transaction is taking a long time, make sure Manta Signer and your browser wallet aren't awaiting approvals; you might not have sent actually the transaction. Otherwise, if your transaction keeps you waiting for more than a few minutes, please file a bug report.

  5. How does private payment work?

    Find out more here.

  6. How do I find my Calamari address on polkadot.js?

    Click on polkadot.js extension, then click on three vertical dots next to your address, and then select "Calamari Parachain." If you don't see the "Calamari Parachain" option, update your extensions metadata here.

  7. How can I delete my Manta Signer Account?

    See our guide to Manta Signer for more details.

  8. How long will the testnet run?

We will run various iterations of testnets over time and reset the network (after announcement) when necessary. Do not expect your testnet assets to be available forever. However, we will always maintain some kind of public testnet.