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Manta Signer

The Signer is a secret manager and zero-knowledge proof generator that is used with Manta Network, Calamari Network, and Dolphin Testnet.

Why do you need the Signer?​

The Manta protocols are privacy-first protocols, and zero-knowledge proofs are integral to the design and functionality of these protocols. The secrets that only you know about represent your identity on the blockchain. The Signer will be the computational extention of those secrets, being able to construct proofs based on them. Then, you can send those proofs to the blockchain to update the ledger with the changes only you can make to it.

Our goal is to improve the zero-knowledge proof generation performance to eventually get rid of signer.

Difference between the Signer and Polkadot.js/Talisman wallets?​

The Polakdot.js and Talisman wallets control the spending secrets of the public address. Manta Signer controls the spending secrets of zkAddresses.

Using Manta Signer​

For insturctions on how to use Manta Signer, check out our guide.