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Private Payment

Manta is all about bringing privacy to Web 3. Supporting privacy in fungible token transfer is essential. The first and most powerful primitive we are building is Private Payment, more specifcally, MantaPay, a multi-asset decentralized anonymous payment protocol.

Unlike the vast majority of blockchains, fungbile token transfers (i.e. payments) on Manta are shielded by zero-knowledge proofs, and thus private. We illustrate the difference below:

private payment

Bring Your Own Token Privacy​

One difference between Manta and ZCash is that Manta supports BYOT (Bring Your Own Token) privacy. Manta boostraps from Polakdot/Kusama ecosystem and supports privatize tokens in DOT/SAMA ecosystem via XCM (Cross Chain Messaging). Manta can privatize more tokens via bridges in the future.


To learn how to send private payments with Manta, please see our guide.