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Manta Pacific Ecosystem

The Manta Grants Program is designed to support projects that help Manta with activity, ecosystem growth, and Web3 & Web2 user acquisition, by using Manta’s frictionless user infrastructure and toolkits to bring Web3 decentralization and onboard large-scale Web2 applications onto Web3. Anyone who is building on Manta will have the chance to be funded by Manta Ecosystem Grant.

Explore all the applications and partners building on Manta:

Building on Manta: What Manta Network Offers

A High-performance Blockchain for On-chain zk Applications

The Fastest ZKPs — Manta Network offers the fastest ZK-proving speed of any layer 1 blockchain, which offers an unrivaled user experience when it comes to on-chain zk applications.

Low Gas Cost — Manta Network private transactions are just as inexpensive as an L2 transaction but performed on the L1 level, offering more decentralization.

Tools for Rapid Development Inside and Outside Web3

Developer toolkits to make it easy to build and deploy applications — Manta Network offers simple APIs and an SDK as well as plug-and-play services for zkNFTs/zkSBTs/MantaPay that give powerful and complete ZK features for developers to build on top of, without the need to understand ZK, cryptography or mathematics.

Multi-asset support — Manta Network offers zk Applications-enhancing support for fungible (i.e., cryptocurrencies) and nonfungible (i.e., NFTs and SBTs) assets, enabling a rich variety of use cases including gamefi, socialfi, defi, web2 mobile applications, and more.

Less user friction — Using Proof Keys developed by Manta Network, applications can support wallet-less experiences for private verifiability for users. In other words, the intimidating aspects of web3 can be abstracted entirely away from the users of web3 and web2.

Abstraction through applications and services — Manta Network’s platforms including MantaPay, NPO, and Manta Name Service offer an intuitive user experience by relegating much of the complexities of ZK technology to the background. Leveraging these core platforms, developers can quickly ship prototypes and full products with out-of-the-box functionality enabling decentralized zk Applications.

A Web2 and Web3 Friendly Developer Experience

Developer-friendly for mobile and non-web3 applications — Manta Network’s APIs and SDKs are designed in a manner that provides a modular plug-and-play experience for mobile or desktop applications, inside and outside of web3. Developers do not have to build with web3 in mind from the ground up; rather, developers can take their applications (in whatever stage it’s at) and plug-in Manta Network’s functionality where it’s needed, to offer a decentralized user experience without impacting any development time or user experience changes.

Web 2.5 approach to attract non web3 users — Using Proof Keys and the Manta API/SDKs, Manta Network enables a web 2.5 hybrid application experience, focusing on the best UX to onboard users that are unfamiliar with Web3. Unnecessarily complicated and intimidating aspects such as connecting wallets are abstracted away from the user, and they can focus more on deriving value from your application.

Additional Resources

Technical Resources

As a project selected to participate in the Grants Program, you will have a direct line of communication with key members of our core engineering team. The team is there to help make your product a success; you are able to ask questions, get direct feedback, and address issues that require our support in a timely manner.

Funding Resources

The Grants Program aims to fund innovative ideas for the entire Manta ecosystem, regardless of the infrastructure, SDKs, or applications. Developing more channels to support the growth of our ecosystem is one of our top goals. Beyond funding from the Grants Program, Manta Network will also provide resources to help take your project to the next level when it comes time to scale by introducing you to an extensive network of investors, partners, and other strategic contacts.

Marketing & Growth Resources

Teams are welcome and encouraged to schedule weekly meetings with the Manta Network core team to consult on marketing and growth strategies. The Manta core team also invites projects for co-marketing campaigns that can quickly boost growth and exposure to a large, interested, and relevant audience within the Manta Network ecosystem.

Partnership Resources

The Manta Team will support builders when reaching out to external parties for partnerships and promotional opportunities so that they can best position themselves to grow their brand.

Guidelines for Grant Categories

We encourage any projects in the web2 or web3 space that are exploring components of decentralized on-chain zk Applications with no impact on user experience to apply for a Manta Ecosystem Grant. We look forward to supporting you in various ways that can lead to a successful outcome for your project. At the current stage of the Manta Network ecosystem, we are particularly interested in projects falling under the following categories:

  • SocialFi Mobile Applications
  • GameFi Mobile Applications
  • Bridging Solutions
  • zk Applications-oriented DeFi solutions

Manta Grants Application Process

Submit Application

Please submit the application for the grant, and provide as much detail as possible.

Application Review & Team Presentation

The Manta Team will review all applications on a rolling basis, and reach out to selected applicants on the next steps. If necessary, we may request additional information. This screening process typically takes two weeks.

Second Round of Review

The applications will be further reviewed by the community committee consisting of select members from our official team and VCs and community members to explore the project, concept, and grant request. The committee will then determine the projects that proceed to the voting process.

Implementation & Follow up

We will have a bi-weekly follow-up call to help the team with technical and other forms of support.

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