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🧩 Community Collator Program

Dilligent blockchain node maintainers are invited to join the community collator program, in order to make Manta/Calamari more decentralized and more secure. The Calamari Collator Program is currently accepting applications from node maintainers who wish to run a Calamari collator node.

Collator runner incentives​

It is envisaged thet there will be 10 Calamari collators up and running by the end of Q1 2022, and we would like to see that increase to 20 collators by the end of Q2. Based on these estimations, the initial bonding requirement has been set at 400_000 KMA. Collator maintainers will receive 60% of transaction fees and 100% of tips. The remaining 40% of transactions fees is returned to the Calamari treasury.

Node maintainers who are able to demonstrate efficient maintenance and secure configuration of a Calamari community collator on the Kusama ecosystem, will enjoy prioritization when making a future collator application for the Manta network on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Join the collator runner community​