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Q: What is the Calamari staking APR?​

3% of the initial supply is awarded to Calamari stakers for the first year. APR is varies depending on your percentage stake on a collator and whether it producing a block on its turn each time or if it's missing some

Q: How often are Calamari staking rewards distributed?​

Calamari stakers will receive rewards at the end of each round (6 hours).

Q: Is there a Calamari unstaking period?​

The unstaking period is 7 days.

Q: Is there a minimum staking amount for Calamari?​

The minimum staking (=delegation) amount is 5000 KMA.

Q: Do Calamari staking rewards compound?​

No, Calamari staking rewards are not compounded automatically.

Q: What is the Calamari inflation rate?​

Any inflation from rewards is compensated by burning an equivalent amount of tokens from treasury over the next three years, later will be determined by governance.

Q: Is there a slashing risk for Calamari validators?​

There is no slashing risk for delegators. Collators that do not produce blocks will not earn rewards for themselves and their delegators.