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Early Collator Program

In recognition of the early support collators lent to the network through early 2022 when there was little incentive to doing so, we propose the following time-limited Early Collator Program to reward their support and allow them to accrue part of the KMA amount necessary to continue running collators on the network through staking rewards:

  • This program is open to anyone (~30 people) with an active collator registered with the previous Community Collator Program before launch of staking
  • An Early Collator will be allowed to join the staking set once at a 400_000 minimum bond through the rest of 2022.
  • If the collator leaves the set for any reason, the normal 4_000_000 KMA bond will be required rejoin.
  • There will be no intervention in free-market mechanics beside the above lower entry-bond on behalf of early collators.
  • Early 2023 will see a runtime upgrade or governance motion that disables this mechanism AND will forcibly off-board any collator in the set below 4_000_000 KMA self-bond.