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Token Distribution

Token Distribution

Community Rewards2,000,000,000Airdrop, liquidity incentivesContinuously adjusted emission for 4 years total
Parachain Crowdloan~2,400,000,000Parachain Crowdloan Participants100% Locked at TGE, used over the first year
Development Fund~2,200,000,000Network adoption, grants programs, ecosystem development100% Locked at TGE, controlled by governance
MANTA Lockdrop2,000,000,000Manta Holders100% Locked at TGE, vesting starts when Manta token launches and gradually unlocks over 4 years
Staking rewards900,000,000Stakers(Collators & Delegators)100% Locked at TGE, distribution starts with staking launch, lasts for 3 years
Marketing & Airdrop500,000,000Growing the community100% Unlocked at TGE

Community Rewardsโ€‹

20% of KMA is reserved for liquidity incentives and airdrops to early community members. Liquidity mining rewards are continuously adjusted based on currently available liquidity, if liquidity is good, additional incentivization will be small. This reserve will be released over 4 years after TGE.

Parachain Crowdloanโ€‹

~24% were distributed as rewards to the initial ~16,000 participants of the first crowdloan, 45% of which was released to crowdloan participants at TGE. The remaining 55% were vested linearly with releases every 8 weeks until August 17th 2022, where vesting for the first crowdloan finished. Originally this allocation was planned to be 30% of initial issuance. The left-over 6% will be distributed to the development fund.

Development Fundโ€‹

~22% KMA are reserved for development funds to support network adoption and increase activity through grants programs and developer support on the Calamari network, which will be determined by the on-chain governance.

MANTA Lockdropโ€‹

As Mantaโ€™s canary network, 20% of the Calamari token will be distributed to MANTA token holders. The distribution will begin after Mantaโ€™s parachain launches, and the distribution process lasts for four years. Manta holders can stake MANTA token to get KMA token.

Staking Rewardsโ€‹

This 9% KMA allocation used to be the reserve for parachain crowdloan 2. Calamari secured a second slot in July, and the swap to this new slot was completed earlier this week with no downtime or impact to users. There was no need for an additional crowdloan since the slot was self-renewed by the foundation, so the existing KMA reserve can be used for staking initiatives that help increase the decentralization of Calamari instead.

Marketing + Airdropโ€‹

5% of KMAโ€™s total supply is distributed on marketing in an effort to promote wider use of Calamari Network. A portion of KMA tokens has been allocated for airdrops to ambassadors who contributed to the Calamari Community expansion.